A Secondary Symbiosis in Progress?

  title={A Secondary Symbiosis in Progress?},
  author={Noriko Okamoto and I. Inouye},
  pages={287 - 287}
  • Noriko Okamoto, I. Inouye
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Science
  • Algae have acquired plastids by developing an endosymbiotic relationship with either a cyanobacterium (primary endosymbiosis) or other eukaryotic algae (secondary endosymbiosis). We report a protist, which we tentatively refer to as Hatena, that hosts an endosymbiotic green algal partner but inherits it unevenly. The endosymbiosis causes drastic morphological changes to both the symbiont and the host cell architecture. This type of life cycle, in which endosymbiont integration has only… CONTINUE READING

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