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A Second-Order TGV Discretization with $90^{\circ}$ Rotational Invariance Property

  title={A Second-Order TGV Discretization with \$90^\{\circ\}\$ Rotational Invariance Property},
  author={Alireza Hosseini and Kristian Bredies},
In this work, we propose a new discretization for second-order total generalized variation (TGV) with some distinct properties compared to existing discrete formulations. The introduced model is based on same design principles as Condat’s discrete total variation model ( SIAM J. Imaging Sci ., 10(3), 1258–1290, 2017) and shares its benefits, in particular, improved quality for the solution of imaging problems. An algorithm for image denoising with second-order TGV using the new discretization is… 



Discrete Total Variation: New Definition and Minimization

A new definition for the gradient field of a discrete image is proposed, defined on a twice finer grid, and the total variation of an image is defined as the l1 norm of its gradient field amplitude.

Image quality assessment: from error visibility to structural similarity

A structural similarity index is developed and its promise is demonstrated through a set of intuitive examples, as well as comparison to both subjective ratings and state-of-the-art objective methods on a database of images compressed with JPEG and JPEG2000.

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The novel concept of total generalized variation of a function $u$ is introduced, and some of its essential properties are proved. Differently from the bounded variation seminorm, the new concept

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A Second-Order TGV Discretization with Some Invariance Properties

In this work, a new discretization for second-order total generalized variation (TGV) with some distinct properties compared to existing discrete formulations is proposed and an algorithm for calculating the TGV value with respect to the newdiscretization model is given.

A TGV-Based Framework for Variational Image Decompression, Zooming, and Reconstruction. Part II: Numerics | SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences | Vol. 8, No. 4 | Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The present work is the second of two papers on a variational model for image reconstruction whose specific features are twofold: First, data fidelity is realized by interval constraints on the

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TGV-regularized inversion of the Radon transform for photoacoustic tomography

The proposed TGV-regularized Radon inversion is a variational method that is shown to be capable of such artifact-free inversion and validated by numerical simulations, compared to filtered back projection (FBP), and performance-tested on real data from phantom as well as in-vivo mouse experiments.

Higher-order total variation approaches and generalisations

This review discusses aspects ranging from functional-analytic foundations to regularisation theory for linear inverse problems in Banach space, and provides a unified framework concerning well-posedness and convergence for vanishing noise level for respective Tikhonov regularisation.

New discretization of total variation functional for image processing tasks

  • A. Hosseini
  • Mathematics
    Signal Process. Image Commun.
  • 2019