A Screen-Shooting Resilient Document Image Watermarking Scheme using Deep Neural Network

  title={A Screen-Shooting Resilient Document Image Watermarking Scheme using Deep Neural Network},
  author={Sulong Ge and Zhihua Xia and Yao Tong and Jian Weng and Jianan Liu},
With the advent of the screen-reading era, the confidential documents displayed on the screen can be easily captured by a camera without leaving any traces. Thus, this paper proposes a novel screen-shooting resilient watermarking scheme for document image using deep neural network. By applying this scheme, when the watermarked image is displayed on the screen and captured by a camera, the watermark can be still extracted from the captured photographs. Specifically, our scheme is an end-to-end… 



A Robust Document Image Watermarking Scheme using Deep Neural Network

Experimental results show that the proposed document image watermarking technology outperforms three state-of-the-arts in terms of the robustness and image quality.

A Camera Shooting Resilient Watermarking Scheme for Underpainting Documents

A novel underpainting based camera shooting resilient (CSR) document watermarking algorithm for dealing with the leak source tracking problem and proposes DCT-based watermark embedding algorithm and distortion compensation based extracting algorithm, which make the watermark robust to camera shooting process.

Screen-Shooting Resilient Watermarking Scheme via Learned Invariant Keypoints and QT

A screen-shooting resilient watermarking scheme via learned invariant keypoints and QT that is very robust for camera shooting (including partial shooting) different shooting scenarios, and special attacks.

`Print and Scan' Resilient Data Hiding in Images

Methods to hide information into images that achieve robustness against printing and scanning with blind decoding and a novel approach for estimating the rotation undergone by the image during the scanning process are proposed.

Fast watermark detection scheme for camera-equipped cellular phone

This paper focuses on a camera-equipped cellular phone used as a terminal for RSIS, and proposes a fast watermark detection scheme from a captured image, which enables users to detect embedded information in approximately one second.

Robust Image Watermarking in the Print-Cam Process

  • Shuang LiangXingjun Wang
  • Computer Science
    2019 IEEE 19th International Conference on Communication Technology (ICCT)
  • 2019
A robust image watermarking method for the print-cam process is proposed, which is suitable for a wide range of smartphones and acceptable for real-life applications such as ID card verification, anti-counterfeit traceability, and medicine authentication.

Image Fingerprinting Scheme for Print-and-Capture Model

This paper addresses an image fingerprinting scheme for the print-to-capture model performed by a photo printer and digital camera and embeds 64 bits ID information as a fingerprint into spatial domain of color images.

Robust watermarking against print and scan attack through efficient modeling algorithm

A DWT-DFT composite watermarking scheme robust to both affine transform and JPEG compression

A blind discrete wavelet transform-discrete Fourier transform (DWT-DFT) composite image watermarking algorithm that is robust against both affine transformation and JPEG compression is proposed.

Deep Template-Based Watermarking

This paper proposes the first deep template-based watermarking algorithm that achieves both digital editing resilience and camera shooting resilience based on typical application scenarios and proposes a novel two-stage deep neural network, which consists of an auxiliary enhancing sub- network and a classification sub-network.