A Scholarly Intermediary between the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Europe

  title={A Scholarly Intermediary between the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Europe},
  author={R. Morrison},
  pages={32 - 57}
This essay studies Moses Galeano, a Jewish scholar with ties to Crete and the Ottoman Sultan’s court, who traveled to the Veneto around 1500. After describing Galeano’s intellectual milieu, it focuses, first, on circumstantial evidence that he transmitted information central to the rise of Renaissance astronomy. Galeano knew of theories that strongly resemble portions of astronomy texts written by Giovanni Battista Amico and Girolamo Fracastoro at Padua a few decades later. He also knew about… Expand
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The report came via a certain Petrus Rivier, who was associated with the Collegium Neophytorum (where Bartolocci had also been a professor) and was a convert from Judaism (ibid
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