A Scholar's Scholar

  title={A Scholar's Scholar},
  author={Paul Sevier Minear},
  journal={Theology Today},
  pages={418 - 420}
  • P. Minear
  • Published 1 January 1983
  • Education
  • Theology Today
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Assemblage of indigenous arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and green waste compost enhance drought stress tolerance in carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) trees
The findings suggest that the pairing of C + AMF can mediate superior drought tolerance in young carob trees by increasing leaf stomatal conductance, cellular water content, higher solute concentration, and defense response against oxidative damage during the prolonged period of DS.
Sustaining Forest Ecosystem Services Through Social Enterprises: Motivations and Challenges from a Case Study in Scotland
Both the concepts of ecosystem services and social enterprise have gained popularity as means of addressing social and environmental issues in recent years. But while research on ecosystem services
Environment Practices Mediating the Environmental Compliance and firm Performance: An Institutional Theory Perspective from Emerging Economies
Coercive pressure has forced firms to take up environmental measures in the last two decades in emerging economies. Under normative pressure, large firms with farsightedness take up the environmental
Technology addiction of adolescents in the COVID-19 era: Mediating effect of attitude on awareness and behavior
The results of the dual-moderated mediation model show that gender and duration of technology use moderated the full mediation of attitude on awareness and behavior in TA, and when the attitude scores increase, addictive behavior rises in males and females.
Perceived Environmental Responsibilities and Green Buying Behavior: The Mediating Effect of Attitude
The unsustainable operations of producers account for significant carbon emission and subsequent adverse impacts on nature. This study aims to identify the factors that influence consumers’ green