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A Schedulability Analyzer for Real-Time Euclid

  title={A Schedulability Analyzer for Real-Time Euclid},
  author={Alexander D. Stoyen},
  booktitle={IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium},
  • A. Stoyen
  • Published in
    IEEE Real-Time Systems…
  • Computer Science

Fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling: An historical perspective

An historical perspective on the development of fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling is provided for the implementation of real-time systems.

Real Time Computing

NATO's Division of Scientific and Environmental Affairs sponsored this Advan- ced Study Institute because it was felt to be timely to cover this important and challengjng subject for the first time

MCRTsim: A simulation tool for multi-core real-time systems

  • Jun WuYu-Cheng Huang
  • Computer Science
    2017 International Conference on Applied System Innovation (ICASI)
  • 2017
MCRTsim contains a task set generator, a set of real-time schedulers and synchronization protocols, and a comprehensive set of tools including visualized execution tracer, schedulability analyzer, and measurement and statistic modules, so it can easy to evaluate the performance of existing scheduling algorithms as well as synchronization protocols by using M CRTsim.

Realtss: a real-time scheduling simulator

Realtss is an open source realtime scheduling simulator which is suited to simulate real-time scheduling algorithms without the need of implement them in a RTOS and is an invaluable teaching and researching tool.

Schedulability-analyzable exception handling for fault-tolerant real-time languages

This paper presents an exception mechanism which reasonably provides for guaranteed schedulability, fine granularity of exception handling, and possibility of non-termination of the process that raises the exception, and allows for easy specification of multi-mode operation.

Polynomial-time transformations and schedulability analysis of parallel real-time programs with restricted resource contention

We present polynomial-time static semantics-preserving transformations of real-time programs. Used in conjunction with schedulability analysis, the transformations significantly increase the class of

A portable worst-case execution time analysis framework for real-time Java architectures

The Real-Time Specification for Java (RTSJ) augmented with the portable WCET analysis taking account of dynamic dispatching and a gain time reclaiming framework provides a flexible real-time Java environment to develop mission-critical real- time and embedded systems.

The Spring System: Integrated Support for Complex Real-Time Systems

This paper shows how Spring's specification language, programming language, software generation system, and operating system kernel are applied to build a flexible manufacturing testbed and the use of reflective information and the value of function and time composition.

Programming language abstractions for the global network

The main scientific contribution of this thesis is the development of a Web programming model for which a major design goal is the integration of domain concepts, failure interpretation, concurrency, and a mechanism for flow of control after failure.