A Scale of Grade and Class Terms for Clastic Sediments

  title={A Scale of Grade and Class Terms for Clastic Sediments},
  author={C. K. Wentworth},
  journal={The Journal of Geology},
  pages={377 - 392}
  • C. K. Wentworth
  • Geology
  • The Journal of Geology
  • In no other science does the problem of terminology present so many difficulties as in geology. With the growth of knowledge in any field of investigation, men devise new terms or redefine old ones in the attempt to convey more precise and definite ideas. In all the branches of science much confusion has followed the redefinition of old terms because of the indiscriminate use of the terms both in the old and the new senses. But in geology, difficulties of this kind are peculiarly great. Because… CONTINUE READING
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