A Scalable and Robust Vertex-Star Relaxation for High-Order FEM

  title={A Scalable and Robust Vertex-Star Relaxation for High-Order FEM},
  author={Pablo D Brubeck and Patrick E. Farrell},
  journal={SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing},
Pavarino proved that the additive Schwarz method with vertex patches and a loworder coarse space gives a p-robust solver for symmetric and coercive problems [33]. However, for very high polynomial degree it is not feasible to assemble or factorize the matrices for each patch. In this work we introduce a direct solver for separable patch problems that scales to very high polynomial degree on tensor product cells. The solver constructs a tensor product basis that diagonalizes the blocks in the… 



PCPATCH: software for the topological construction of multigrid relaxation methods

This paper presents a unifying software abstraction, PCPATCH, for the topological construction of space decompositions for multigrid relaxation methods, and facilitates the elegant expression of a wide range of schemes merely by varying solver options at runtime.

Scalable Low-Order Finite Element Preconditioners for High-Order Spectral Element Poisson Solvers

Low-order finite element (FE) systems are considered as preconditioners for spectral element (SE) discretizations of the Poisson problem in canonical and complex domains. The FE matrices are based ...

Fast Tensor Product Schwarz Smoothers for High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

The inversion of matrices associated to mesh cells and to the patches around a vertex is studied in order to obtain fast local solvers for additive and multiplicative subspace correction methods for high-order discontinuous Galerkin (DG) finite element methods.

Efficient low-order refined preconditioners for high-order matrix-free continuous and discontinuous Galerkin methods

This paper designs preconditioners for the matrix-free solution of high-order continuous and discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of elliptic problems based on FEM-SEM equivalence and additive Schwarz methods and presents results on a variety of examples.

Additive Schwarz methods for thep-version finite element method

A constant bound independent of the degreep and the number of subdomainsN, for the condition number of the ASM iteration operator is proved, which is obtained first in dimension two and generalized to dimensionn and to a variant of the method on the interface.

Nested Dissection of a Regular Finite Element Mesh

This paper presents an unusual numbering of the mesh (unknowns) and shows that if the authors avoid operating on zeros, the $LDL^T $ factorization of A can be computed using the same standard algorithm in $O(n^3 )$ arithmetic operations.

Fast iterative solution of stabilised Stokes systems part II: using general block preconditioners

This paper considers the more general class of block preconditioners, where the partitioning into blocks corresponds to the natural partitions into the velocity and pressure variables, and it is shown that the convergence rate of the iteration depends on the eigenvalue distribution of the discrete Stokes operator.