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  author={Aditya Deshpande and Alisha Shahane and Darshana Gadre and Mrunmayi Deshpande and Prachi M. Joshi},
Today is the era of intelligence in machines. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence, machines have started to impersonate different human traits today. Artificial intelligence conversational entities, also called chatbots, are an excellent example of such machines. Chatbots are computer programs capable to carry out near natural conversation with people. In this work, we describe the evolution of chatbots from a rudimentary model to an advanced intelligent system. Chatbots are currently… 

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Abstract: A chatbot is AI computer software that can act as a conversation through textual or auditory methods. The core of chatbots analyses a customer’s data using the artificial intelligence which
Survey on Various Conversational Systems
A survey is conducted to compare already existing chatbots with respect to platforms used, algorithms applied, tools and software used etc.
An Overview of Machine Learning in Chatbots
A chatbot is an intelligent system which can hold a conversation with a human using natural language in real time. Due to the rise of Internet usage, many businesses now use online platforms to
Chatbot Application using Search Engines and Teaching Methods
This paper is focused on the design and the implementation of a Chabot system using search engines and teaching techniques for making conversations as real as possible.
A Survey on Chatbot: Futuristic Conversational Agent for User Interaction
A chatbot aspires to make the interaction between mankind and machine through acoustic and textual techniques. There are enormous types of speech-based assistants. Few of them are Siri (developed by
Automated Self-learning Chatbot Initially Build as a FAQs Database Information Retrieval System: Multi-level and Intelligent Universal Virtual Front-office Implementing Neural Network
A novel approach of an automatic creation of a chatbot exploiting only a questions-answers archive that allows to initially retrieve information from a FAQs database using natural language, by allowing successively the automation of customer support services for the optimization of human resources thus implementing a self-learning chatbot system.
Comparative Analysis of Chatbots
This paper is analyzing and comparing the total accuracy score of the following chatbots: Rose, Google Assistant, Siri, Machine Comprehension Chatbot, Mitsuku, Jabberwacky, ALICE and Eliza based on the answers provided by them to a set of predefined questions.
An ontology-based chatbot for crises management: use case coronavirus
This master thesis is dedicated to discuss COVID Assistant chatbot and explain each component in detail and the design of the proposed chatbot is introduced by its seven components: Ontology, Web Scraping module, DB, State Machine, keyword Extractor, Trained chatbot, and User Interface.
Are You Human – Adapting and Evaluating the Bot Interaction Patterns Towards the User Expectation
A rapidly growing number of domains employ chatbots to strengthen communication with users. Systems have evolved in such a way that more and more users struggle to detect whether they talk to another
Chatbots For Customer Support
Customer service is probably one of the most critical elements of the user experience. With the advancement of natural language processing techniques, the industry is looking into automated chatbot


Implementation of an inquisitive chatbot for database supported knowledge bases
The implementation of an inquisitive chatbot, which finds the missing data in query and probes the questions to users to collect data that are required to answer the query is reported.
Toward the implementation of a topic specific dialogue based natural language chatbot as an undergraduate advisor
Model the Information Repository by a connected graph where the nodes contain information and links interrelates the information nodes and suggests that topic specific dialogue coupled with conversational knowledge yield the maximum dialogue session than the general conversational dialogue.
Smart answering Chatbot based on OCR and Overgenerating Transformations and Ranking
This paper presents an approach of converting documents into knowledge of Chatbot system that enables users to make more benefits of it by asking and answering questions through the use of electronic documents integrated with simulate system.
An e-business chatbot using AIML and LSA
  • N. Thomas
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communications and Informatics (ICACCI)
  • 2016
A chatbot which automatically gives immediate responses to the users based on the data set of Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs), using Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA).
Computing Machinery and Intelligence.
The question, “Can machines think?” is considered, and the question is replaced by another, which is closely related to it and is expressed in relatively unambiguous words.
Special issue
“Criminal Justice Drug Abuse Treatment Studies” (CJ-DATS) supports much of our corrections-based treatment research as part of the TCU CJ-DATS Project. There are nine national Research Centers, a
IBM Watson Vanquishes Human Jeopardy Foes
  • PC World. IDG News. Retrieved February
  • 2011
IBM researcher explains what Watson gets right and wrong
  • VentureBeat. Retrieved February
  • 2011
Watson Supercomputer to Compete on ' Jeopardy ! 'Powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on IBM POWER 7 "
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • 2011