A Rtigo a Rt I C L E 4 9 2


This study discusses supervision of the Fa m i l y Health Pro g ram (FHP) in Te resópolis Rio de Ja n e i ro St a t e , Bra z i l , based on a qualitative case study appro a c h . Considering that supervision is an important tool in health pro g rams managem e n t ,f i ve main objectives were achieve d :a n a l ysis of superv i s o ry activities… (More)


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@inproceedings{rograma2004ARA, title={A Rtigo a Rt I C L E 4 9 2}, author={P rograma and Sa{\'u}de da Fam{\'i}lia and Cl{\'a}udia da Costa Leite Reis}, year={2004} }