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A Royal Ritual of Mandi State

  title={A Royal Ritual of Mandi State},
  author={E. Conzelmann},
concept of royal power (+akti) whereas Rupe&var' is more closely identified with the r"n#s. The relations between M"dhor"o and Rupe&var' seem to parallel those between the male and female domains of the palace; both represent separate spheres of royal power, the internal sphere which was inaccessible to the public, and the more visible, public 
Devbans, Caste, Gender and the State:Political Ecology of a Sacred Grove of Himachal Pradesh
Devbans are the parts of forest territory that have been traditionally conserved in reverence to the local deities in various parts of Himachal Pradesh. Today, they stand at the intersection of
Scaling the heights : social inclusion and sustainable development in Himachal Pradesh
This report peels through to many of the underlying drivers of Himachal Pradesh’s social inclusion. The paper tells us that commitment of the state and progressive policies are important, and that
Gaṅgā Devī between Worlds: Her Annual Pilgrimage between Mukhba and Gangotri
Gaṅgā Devī, the goddess and personification of the Ganges river, travels every spring from her winter home in Mukhba to her summer home in Gangotri, then back to Mukhba in the fall. This journey or


The Camphor Flame
Popular Hinduism is shaped, above all, by worship of a multitude of powerful divine beings--a superabundance indicated by the proverbial total of 330 million gods and goddesses. The fluid
Hierarchies of kings in early medieval India
’normative’ texts and of historical records represented kings as organised into a single hierarchy. This hierarchy had a paramount ’king of kings’, overlord of the ’entire earth’ at the top, and
The Architectural Heritage of Himachal Pradesh: Origin and Development of Temple Styles
The question ofchronology is one of the uppermost in the mind ofthe author. The general question one might raise as far as this issue is concerned is that while a comparative exercise of this kind is
History of the Panjab Hill States
The body of this work first appeared as separate papers in the journal of the 'Panjab Historical Society'. It is a very well researched book, in 2 volumes, that lays out the historical background of
La Parole des dieux.
Dans la partie occidentale de l'Himalaya indien, les villageois viennent regulierement interroger les possedes attitres des divinites locales. La consultation a lieu au temple et prend la forme d'un
Mandi State
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