A Rose is a Roos is a Ruusu: Querying Translations for Web Image Search

  title={A Rose is a Roos is a Ruusu: Querying Translations for Web Image Search},
  author={Janara Christensen and Mausam and Oren Etzioni},
We query Web Image search engines with words (e.g., spring) but need images that correspond to particular senses of the word (e.g., flexible coil). Querying with polysemous words often yields unsatisfactory results from engines such as Google Images. We build an image search engine, Idiom, which improves the quality of returned images by focusing search on the desired sense. Our algorithm, instead of searching for the original query, searches for multiple, automatically chosen translations of… Expand
BabelNet: The automatic construction, evaluation and application of a wide-coverage multilingual semantic network
We present an automatic approach to the construction of BabelNet, a very large, wide-coverage multilingual semantic network. Key to our approach is the integration of lexicographic and encyclopedicExpand
Panlingual lexical translation via probabilistic inference
This paper summarizes the last four years of the research motivated by the vision of panlingual communication and constructs PANDICTIONARY- a sense-distinguished, massively multilingual dictionary that has translations in more than 1000 languages. Expand
PanLex and LEXTRACT: Translating all Words of all Languages of the World
PanLex, a lemmatic translation resource which combines a large number of translation dictionaries and other translingual lexical resources, as well as lextract, a new effort to expand the coverage of PanLex via semi-automatic dictionary scraping. Expand
Table of Contents a Paraphrasing System for Transforming Regular Expressions into Honorifics Have2eat: a Restaurant Finder with Review Summarization for Mobile Phones Comunica -a Question Answering System for Brazilian Portuguese Yanfa: an Online Automatic Scoring and Intelligent Feedback System of
Honorifics in Japanese plays an incredibly important role in all walks of social life. The demand to transform regular expressions in Japanese into honorifics automatically has increased rapidlyExpand


Lexical translation with application to image searching on the web
A probabilistic inference procedure is defined that enables us to quantify the authors' confidence in a translation derived from the graph, and thus trade precision against recall, in the task of lexical translation. Expand
Image retrieval: Ideas, influences, and trends of the new age
Almost 300 key theoretical and empirical contributions in the current decade related to image retrieval and automatic image annotation are surveyed, and the spawning of related subfields are discussed, to discuss the adaptation of existing image retrieval techniques to build systems that can be useful in the real world. Expand
Compiling a Massive, Multilingual Dictionary via Probabilistic Inference
The paper introduces a novel algorithm that solves this problem for 10,000,000 words in more than 1,000 languages and yields PanDictionary, a novel multilingual dictionary. Expand
Dictionary Methods for Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
Experiments are presented that analyze the factors that affect dictionary based methods for cross-lingual retrieval and present methods that dramatically reduce the errors such an approach usually makes. Expand
Random Forests
  • L. Breiman
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Machine Learning
  • 2004
Internal estimates monitor error, strength, and correlation and these are used to show the response to increasing the number of features used in the forest, and are also applicable to regression. Expand
An empirical comparison of supervised learning algorithms
A large-scale empirical comparison between ten supervised learning methods: SVMs, neural nets, logistic regression, naive bayes, memory-based learning, random forests, decision trees, bagged trees, boosted trees, and boosted stumps is presented. Expand
Data Mining
tic regression, and it concerns studying the effect of covariates on the risk of disease. The chapter includes generalized estimating equations (GEE’s) with computing using PROC GENMOD in SAS andExpand
Google Image Search
  • SMX West.
  • 2009
How To Leverage Rich Media SEO for Small Businesses
  • Search Engine Journal. http://www.searchenginejournal.com/rich media-small-business-seo/9580.
  • 2009
How To Leverage Rich Media SEO for Small Businesses. In Search Engine Journal. http://www.searchenginejournal.com/rich - media-small-business-seo/9580
  • How To Leverage Rich Media SEO for Small Businesses. In Search Engine Journal. http://www.searchenginejournal.com/rich - media-small-business-seo/9580
  • 2009