A Root of van Helmont's Tree

  title={A Root of van Helmont's Tree},
  author={H. Howe},
  pages={408 - 419}
Idiota. If a man should put a hundred weight of earth into a great earthen pot, and should then take some Herbs, and Seeds, and weigh them, and then plant or sow them in that pot, and should let them grow there so long, until hee had successively by little and little, gotten an hundred weight of them, he would find the earth but very little diminished, when he came to weigh it again: by which he might gather that all the aforesaid herbs, had their weight from the water. Therefore the waters… Expand
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A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969
Aborigenes [78]. according [155]. Action [39, 72]. actuelle [87]. actuelles [107, 84]. Acvaghosa [8]. Aegypten [30]. Aether [126]. Agnes [42]. al [11]. Albert [45]. alcune [51]. Algerien [30]. allaExpand
Membrane Voltage as a Dynamic Platform for Spatio-temporal Signalling, Physiological and Developmental Regulation.
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