A Robust Method for Fingerprint Recognition using Biometric Fusion

  title={A Robust Method for Fingerprint Recognition using Biometric Fusion},
  author={N. Moghadam and Mehdi Abadi and Hamza Ali and Mahfoodh},
  journal={Journal of biometrics \& biostatistics},
In this paper we will introduce a combined approach that uses the local and global features on the fingerprint. Minutiae features are extracted then a mesh of minutiae points relations will created. Then among the outputs of first stage two points used in the other stage as reference point and rotation handle. Matching process will take place after each stage then results made in both stages will be used to get the final answer. In this approach we used 10 fingerprints of persons to maximize… 
A Novel Review on Biometric System Based on Digital Signal Processing
In the present review, it is tried to present how the biometric system works and used in daily life.


Fingerprint matching using minutiae and texture features
A hybrid matching algorithm is presented that uses both minutiae (point) information and texture (region) information for matching the fingerprints and shows that a combination of the texture-based andMinutiae-based matching scores leads to a substantial improvement in the overall matching performance.
A Two-Stage Fusion Scheme using Multiple Fingerprint Impressions
A two-stage fusion scheme that takes full advantage of the complementary information among multiple fingerprint impressions to improve the matching result with a subset combination scheme is proposed.
An algorithm for fingerprint core point detection
According to the experiment applied to FVC-2002 database, it is found that the technique proposed herewith can improve the identification correctness with slightly better in computation performance.
New Fingerprint Minutiae Extraction Using Ridge Flux Analysis
This paper presents a new fingerprint minutiae extraction approach that is based on the analysis of the ridge flux distribution that can achieve a reduction in calculation time, while achieving the same success detection rate as that of the conventional approaches.
Experimental Results on Fusion of Multiple Fingerprint Matchers
Experimental results showed that such fusion of two or more matching algorithms can outperform the best individual verification algorithm and increase the discrimination between genuine and impostor classes.
A hybrid fingerprint matcher
A hybrid fingerprint matching scheme that uses both minutiae and ridge flow information to represent and match fingerprints, and the genuine accept rate of the hybrid matcher is observed to be /spl sim/10% higher than that of aminutiae-based matcher at low false accept rates.
A Novel Method for Fingerprint Core Point Detection
A new method of detection and localization of core points in a fingerprint image is proposed, which can act as an important indexing mechanism for large fingerprint databases which can reduce the query time and the computational complexity.
Decision-Level Fusion in Fingerprint Verification
Combining multiple matchers for a high security fingerprint verification system
Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition
This unique reference work is an absolutely essential resource for all biometric security professionals, researchers, and systems administrators.