A Roadmap for Big Model

  title={A Roadmap for Big Model},
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With the rapid development of deep learning, training Big Models (BMs) for multiple downstream tasks becomes a popular paradigm. Researchers have achieved various outcomes in the construction of BMs and the BM application in many fields. At present, there is a lack of research work that sorts out the overall progress of BMs and guides the follow-up research. In this paper, we cover not only the BM technologies themselves but also the prerequisites for BM training and applications with BMs… 

Big Learning: A Universal Machine Learning Paradigm?

It is revealed that big learning is what existing foundation models are implicitly doing; accordingly, the newly introduced big learning provides high-level guidance for flexible design and improvements of foundation models, accelerating the true self-learning on the Internet.

The Bearable Lightness of Big Data: Towards Massive Public Datasets in Scientific Machine Learning

This paper demonstrates that deep learning models, trained and tested on data from a petascale CFD simulation, are robust to errors introduced during lossy compression in a semantic segmentation problem, and demonstrates that lossY compression algorithms offer a realistic pathway for exposing high-fidelity scientifldelity data to open-source data repositories for building community datasets.