A Road Map of Interval Temporal Logics and Duration Calculi

  title={A Road Map of Interval Temporal Logics and Duration Calculi},
  author={Valentin Goranko and Angelo Montanari and Guido Sciavicco},
  journal={Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics},
  pages={54 - 9}
We survey main developments, results, and open problems on interval temporal logics and duration calculi. We present various formal systems studied in the literature and discuss their distinctive features, emphasizing on expressiveness, axiomatic systems, and (un)decidability results. 
A Survey on Temporal Logics
This paper surveys main and recent studies on temporal logics in a broad sense by presenting various logic systems, dealing with various time structures, and discussing important features, such as
Propositional interval temporal logics: some promising paths
  • A. Montanari
  • Philosophy
    12th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME'05)
  • 2005
In this paper we focus our attention on the problem of finding propositional interval temporal logics which are expressive enough to express meaningful statements about time intervals and decidable.
A Decidable Temporal Logic for Events and States
  • Savas Konur
  • Philosophy
    Thirteenth International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME'06)
  • 2006
A new interval temporal logic that presents the semantics of some natural language constructions, and captures important real-time problems like behaviour of complex systems.
Relational dual tableaux for interval temporal logics ★
This paper presents sound and complete relational proof systems in the style of dual tableaux for relational logics associated with modal logics of temporal intervals and proves that the systems enable us to verify validity and entailment of these temporal logics.
Why Systems of Temporal Logic Are Sometimes (Un)useful?
This paper is aimed at the evaluating of utility of 3 temporal logics: linear temporal logic (LTL) and Halpern-Shoham interval logic from the point of view of the engineering practice. We intend to
TPL * : A Temporal Logic for Events and States
This paper introduces a new interval temporal logic, TPL*. Existing interval temporal logics, we claim, are inadequate to represent the meanings of certain natural language constructions, despite
Interval Temporal Logics with Chop-Like Operators
  • I. Hodkinson
  • Philosophy
    2010 17th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning
  • 2010
Thanks to the TIME’10 organisers for inviting me! Setting. . . Most temporal logic is point-based. Here we look at interval temporal logics. Motivation: eating dinner takes a while. Useful in
Real-time and Probabilistic Temporal Logics: An Overview
This paper analyzes real-time and probabilistic temporal logics which have been widely used in this field and extrapolate the notions of decidability, axiomatizability, expressiveness, model checking, etc. for each logic analysed.
Interval Temporal Logics: a Journey
We discuss a family of modal logics for reasoning about relational structures of intervals over (usually) linear orders, with modal operators associated with the various binary relations between such


Completeness and Decidability of a Fragment of Duration Calculus with Iteration
A subset of DC* formulas consisting of so-called simple ones which corresponds precisely with the class of Timed Automata is studied, giving a complete proof system and the decidability results for the subset.
A Complete Proof System for First-order Interval Temporal Logic with Projection
An ω-complete proof system for the extension of first-order Interval Temporal Logic by a projection operator is presented and alternative earlier approaches to the axiomatisation of projection in ITL are discussed.
Sharpening the Undecidability of Interval Temporal Logic
  • K. Lodaya
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • 2000
This paper works with the simplest (propositional) ITLs and discusses their decidability.
Axiomatizations of Interval Logics
This paper presents axiomatizations for two propositional interval logics and relates these logics to Until Temporal Logic, which are discrete linear-time temporal logics with no next operator.
A complete axiomatization of interval temporal logic with infinite time
  • B. Moszkowski
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings Fifteenth Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (Cat. No.99CB36332)
  • 2000
A complete axiomatization is given for such a version of quantified ITL over finite domains and completeness can be shown by representing finite-state automata in ITL and then translating ITL formulas into them.
Duration calculus: Logical foundations
The aim of this paper is to provide a thorough presentation of the logic of the Duration Calculus, where real numbers are used to model time and Boolean valued functions over time are use to model states and events of real-time systems.
Modelling Real-time Database Systems in Duration Calculus
A formal model for real-time database systems using Duration Calculus is given and the Read/Write Priority Ceiling Protocol (R/WPCP) is given as a case study.
Compositional Reasoning Using Interval Temporal Logic and Tempura
It is shown how fixpoints of various ITL operators provide a flexible way to modularly reason about safety and liveness and some new techniques are described for compositionally transforming and refining ITL specifications.
A Tableau Method for Interval Temporal Logic with Projection
This paper introduces a tableau method for propositional interval temporal logic, central to this approach is a normal form for the formulas of ITL, particularly ';' and proj, in terms of the 'O' operator of the logic.
Prefix and Projection onto State in Duration Calculus