A Rigorous Real Time Feynman Path Integral and Propagator


Abstract. We will derive a rigorous real time propagator for the Non-relativistic Quantum Mechanic L transition probability amplitude and for the Non-relativistic wave function. The propagator will be explicitly given in terms of the time evolution operator. The derivation will be for all self-adjoint nonvector potential Hamiltonians. For systems with potential that carries at most a finite number of singularity and discontinuities, we will show that our propagator can be written in the form of a rigorous real time, time sliced Feynman path integral via improper Riemann integrals. We will also derive the Feynman path integral in Nonstandard Analysis Formulation. Finally, we will compute the propagator for the harmonic oscillator using the Nonstandard Analysis Feynman path integral formuluation; we will compute the propagator without using any knowledge of classical properties of the harmonic oscillator.

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