A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma

  title={A Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma},
  author={N. Koblitz and A. Menezes},
  journal={IEEE Security & Privacy},
  • N. Koblitz, A. Menezes
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Security & Privacy
  • In August 2015, the NSA released a major policy statement on the need for postquantum cryptography (PQC). This announcement will be a great stimulus to the development, standardization, and commercialization of new quantum-safe algorithms. However, certain peculiarities in the statement's wording and timing have given rise to much speculation concerning the NSA, elliptic curve cryptography, and quantum-safe cryptography. In this article, the authors evaluate some of the theories that have been… CONTINUE READING
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