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A Review on Rash Driving Detection and Alert System

  title={A Review on Rash Driving Detection and Alert System},
  author={M. Ram Prabhu and Dipika P. Deorukhakar and Swati R. Amberkar and Komal J. Ambre},
The usage of vehicles is increasing day by day. Most of the people disobeys the rules of traffic and may do the rash driving. Rash driving may be abrupt change in speed, continuous change in lane etc. Rash driving is most dangerous for people. If there is more number of vehicles moving on a road, then there is more possibility of accident. Now day’s mobile phones are equipped with numerous sensors that can help to aid in safety enhancements for drivers on the road. There is lot of sensors used… 



Using mobile phone sensors to detect driving behavior

A mobile phone application that uses combination of in-built sensors, GPS, micro-phone and accelerometer, to detect driving behavior along with road and traffic conditions in order to assist a willing individual to change his or her driving behavior.

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