A Review on Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Wetspass Model

  • Sophia S . Rwanga
  • Published 2013


Most of the methods used to estimate groundwater recharge are point estimate. However groundwater quantification needs a method which is not only flexible but also reliable in order to accurately quantify its spatial and temporal variability. Groundwater models used for analyzing groundwater systems are often quasi steady state and, therefore, need long-term average recharge. Thus WetSpass, a methodology for estimating spatially distributed long term average recharge under humid temporal conditions can be used. This model, integrates a water balance in a geographical information system (GIS) environment. This paper provides an overview of the use of WetSpass on the quantification of groundwater recharge. The previous applications are also presented. Keywords— Groundwater, Modelling, Recharge, WetSpass

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