A Review on Data Hiding Techniques in Compressed Video

  title={A Review on Data Hiding Techniques in Compressed Video},
  author={R. Aparna and S Ajish},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • R. Aparna, S. Ajish
  • Published 2016
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
This paper presents various Data Hiding techniques of video in compressed domain. Data is embedded into digital media for the purpose of identification, annotation, copy right and tampering detection. The identification purpose mainly falls into the area of cloud computing- making sure that the sender is the one intended; annotation refers to the property of tagging or giving captions to the video; copyright protection, which is used to prevent the recreation of the video; tampering detection… Expand
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Optimal wavelet transform using Oppositional Grey Wolf Optimization for video steganography
A novel approach of hiding data using Oppositional Grey Wolf Optimization (OGWO) is proposed to minimize distortion and to enhance security so as to get superior video quality. Expand
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Experimental results show that this algorithm outperforms the latest intra prediction modes based HEVC steganographic algorithm in both capacity and perceptibility while preserving coding efficiency as well. Expand
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A novel coding efficiency preserving steganography algorithm based on Prediction Units (PUs) is proposed for HEVC videos and it is proposed that the distortion optimization method in this SCM should be applied on coding efficiency instead of visual quality. Expand


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A method to detect video tampering and distinguish it from common video processing operations, such as recompression, noise, and brightness increase, using a practical watermarking scheme for real-time authentication of digital video, implemented and evaluated using the H.264/AVC codec. Expand
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An effective data-hiding scheme that embeds data in digital videos using the phase angle of the motion vector of the macroblock in the inter-frame and can be applied to either compressed or uncompressed videos is proposed. Expand
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This paper apply stenography algorithm in a video stream. In previous stenography methods spatial or transformeddomain is used for data hiding. But in proposed method we are using compressed video toExpand
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A new method for high capacity data hiding in H.264 streams is presented that is a blind data hiding scheme, i.e. the message can be extracted directly from the encoded stream without the need of the original host video. Expand
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This scheme embeds the watermark without exposing video content's confidentiality, and provides a solution for signal processing in encrypted domain, and increases the operation efficiency, since the encrypted video can be watermarked without decryption. Expand
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This letter adopts a better scheme for measuring the smoothness of blocks, and uses the side-match scheme to further decrease the error rate of extracted-bits in an improved version of Zhang's reversible data hiding method in encrypted images. Expand
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