A Review of the Literature on Veterans Published in Armed Forces & Society, 1974-2006

  title={A Review of the Literature on Veterans Published in Armed Forces \& Society, 1974-2006},
  author={Paul R. Camacho and Paul L. Atwood},
  journal={Armed Forces \& Society},
  pages={351 - 381}
The article presented here is a review of the twenty-four articles, research notes, or book reviews pertaining to veterans that have appeared in our journal since its inception in 1974. For the purposes of discussion, the articles are divided into a thematic scheme. Following each thematic section, the authors pose a number of potential research projects that, in their opinion, would advance research on veterans' issues and may be of interest to our members. 
Authorship and Affiliation in Armed Forces & Society
Armed Forces & Society (AF&S) was founded in 1974 with the overall intention of creating an international arena for interdisciplinary approaches to the study of the military institution and the
Would You Like to Know More? Selection, Socialization, and the Political Attitudes of Military Veterans
Although research during the Vietnam era suggested that the political attitudes of American veterans were not significantly different from those of the public at large, more recent studies argue that
Veterans, the Vietnam Era, and Marital Dissolution
Event history analysis of 2,241 married males from James Coleman’s Adolescent Society study adds to the evidence that military service, even in the Vietnam era, has not been a significant factor in
Beyond Iraq
Focusing on the U.K. case, it reveals that private military veterans are significantly overrepresented in the “protective service occupations,” where they primarily work in the private security industry, and offers a multilayered explanation for this distinctive clustering effect.
Are You Doing Your Part?
Drawing from the concept of citizenship in the novel, Starship Troopers, we consider public opinion in a world in which “service guarantees citizenship.” We do this by examining the political
Assessing Partnerships Between the Military and Civilian Agencies to Meet Transitioning Service Members’ Needs
This study examines partnerships between the military and local communities by exploring communication channels of the U.S. military and civilian agencies that provide services to transitioning
Military Service in Lives: Where Do We Go From Here?
Although the military has enduring effects on the lives of service members and their families, it is often overlooked as an institutional force that shapes the life course. This chapter aims to bring
Comparative Systems of Analysis: Military Sociology in the United States and Europe
This chapter compares major developments in military sociology in the United States and Europe. Military sociology has enjoyed a stronger position within the discipline of sociology in the United
Transitions of Student Military Veterans into Engineering Education
As student veterans transition to four-year institutions from the military, they navigate pathways that are often neither linear nor easy. Using Turner’s theory of liminality, we examine student


His most recent publications include the article "Public Health and the Vietnam War
  • PhD, a former marine, is research associate in the William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences and is on the faculty in American Studies, both at the University of Massachusetts-Boston
  • 2006
Military Personnel—DOD Needs More Data to Address Financial and Health Care Issues Affecting Reservists,
  • Report to Congressional Committees,
  • 2003
mil/), and the 2002 Survey of Spouses of Activated National Guard and Reserve Component Members, also sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs
  • 2000
Those Who Served
Vietnam, the Veterans, and the Veterans Administration
Ladinsky reviewed ten works: (1) Senate Committee Print No. 18, 93rd Congress, 1st Session, Final Report on Educational Assistance to Veterans: A Comparative Study of Three GI Bills
  • Review Articles: "Vietnam, the Veterans, and the Veterans Administration
  • 1973
See Power, Politics, and People-The Collected Essays of
  • 1963
Emotions and behavior: Between sensitivity and indifference