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A Review of The Algebraic Approaches to Quantum Mechanics. Appraisals on Their Theoretical Relevance

  title={A Review of The Algebraic Approaches to Quantum Mechanics. Appraisals on Their Theoretical Relevance},
  author={A. Drago},
  • A. Drago
  • Published 29 January 2021
  • Physics, Mathematics
I review the various algebraic foundations of quantum mechanics. They have been suggested since the birth of this theory till up to last year. They are the following ones: Heisenberg-Born-Jordan’s (1925), Weyl’s (1928), Dirac’s (1930), von Neumann’s (1936), Segal’s (1947), T.F. Jordan’s (1986), Morchio and Strocchi’s (2009) and Buchholz and Fregenhagen’s (2019). Three cases are stressed: 1) the misinterpretation of Dirac’s foundation; 2) von Neumann’s ‘conversion’ from the analytic approach of… Expand


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