A Review of Spreadsheet Error Reduction Techniques

  title={A Review of Spreadsheet Error Reduction Techniques},
  author={Simon Thorne},
  journal={Commun. Assoc. Inf. Syst.},
  • Simon Thorne
  • Published 2009
  • Economics
  • Commun. Assoc. Inf. Syst.
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  • R. PankoR. Halverson
  • Economics
    Proceedings of HICSS-29: 29th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 1996
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A testing methodology that adapts data flow adequacy criteria and coverage monitoring to the task of testing spreadsheets is presented and it is found that test suites created according to the methodology detected, on average, 81% of the faults in a set of faulty spreadsheets, significantly outperforming randomly generated test suites.

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Although spreadsheet programs are used for small "scratchpad" applications, they are also used to develop many large applications, and error rates are in line with those in programming and other human cognitive domains.

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The fault tracing technique proposed uses the dataflow information and cell marks to identify the most influential faulty cell(s) for a given formula cell containing a propagated fault in spreadsheet programs.