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A Review of Issues in Healthcare Information Management Systems and Blockchain Solutions

  title={A Review of Issues in Healthcare Information Management Systems and Blockchain Solutions},
  author={Alan T. Litchfield and Arshad Khan},
Healthcare is a data-driven domain where a large volumes of data are created, accessed, stored, and disseminated daily. In this paper, issues such as security, privacy, data transparency, interoperability, data accessibility, user interface issues in healthcare information management systems are presented. In addition, blockchain technology related studies in healthcare information systems are discussed with the aim to find what issues in healthcare system present research opportunities using… 
A Systematic Analysis on Blockchain Integration With Healthcare Domain: Scope and Challenges
A critically review 50 papers published between 2015 and 2020 on blockchain-based health systems and addresses possible emerging trends of blockchain application such as blockchain integration with artificial intelligence, cloud based solutions and parallel block chain architecture.
A Review of Leveraging Blockchain based Framework Landscape in Healthcare Systems
  • Mohammed Elghoul
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Intelligent Computing and Information Sciences
  • 2021
An analysis of the existing blockchain technology research and findings in the health care domain was conducted and the results show that Blockchain still has many challenges such as scalability and security problem, however the usage of blockchain is increasing in different scientific research areas and in healthcare area in particular is growing exponentially.
Enhancing Healthcare System Using Blockchain Smart Contracts
This paper proposes a framework based on blockchain smart contracts and decentralized storage to connect all the supply chain stakeholders and shows that the preliminary results show that the proposed framework is more efficient, secure, and economically feasible.
A Blockchain-Based Smart Contract System for Healthcare Management
This research is supported by the Employment Based Postgraduate Program of the Irish Research Council (IRC) Project ID: EBPPG/2015/185 and partially funded under the SFI Strategic Partnership
BlockPres: A Novel Blockchain-Based Incentive Mechanism to Mitigate Inequalities for Prescription Management System
Results show that the proposed incentive mechanism mitigates unequal access and enhances equality and participation in BlockPres, which uses a novel incentive mechanism to encourage patients to participate and engage with services in order to be rewarded.
Opportunities for Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Information Systems Development for Decision Support
A suitable development framework that will cover patient-, clinical- and population oriented approaches to decision-making and to reveal valuable knowledge and insights from these healthcare and medical big data is suggested.


A Blockchain-Based Approach to Health Information Exchange Networks
This work presents a Blockchain-based approach to sharing patient data that trades a single centralized source of trust in favor of network consensus, and predicates consensus on proof of structural and semantic interoperability.
Advanced block-chain architecture for e-health systems
The Advanced Block-Chain approach was designed to meet the demands in healthcare growth as well as in the new form of social interactive norms to revolutionize the e-Health industry with greater efficiency by eliminating many of the intermediates as the authors know them today.
Applications of Blockchain Within Healthcare
This paper outlines recent work within the areas of pharmaceutical traceability, data sharing, clinical trials, and device tracking within the blockchain infrastructure.
A Case Study for Blockchain in Healthcare : “ MedRec ” prototype for electronic health records and medical research data
The purpose of this paper is to expose a working prototype of MedRec, a novel, decentralized record management system to handle EHRs, using blockchain technology, and to analyze and discuss the approach and the potential for blockchain in health IT and research.
An Architecture of Secure Health Information Storage System Based on Blockchain Technology
A novel blockchain architecture of secure health information storage system, which is decentralized, secure and trusted, tamper-resistant, is proposed to handle those difficult tasks to improve the delay of data validation.
MediBchain: A Blockchain Based Privacy Preserving Platform for Healthcare Data
This paper presents a patient centric healthcare data management system by using Blockchain as storage to attain privacy by using the cryptographic functions to protect patient’s data.
Analysing Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated Blockchain Technologies in Healthcare
This study proposes a holistic blockchain structure covering all stakeholders in the healthcare domain and to analyse opportunities and challenges by presenting an integrated blockchain architecture.
Applying Software Patterns to Address Interoperability in Blockchain-based Healthcare Apps
This paper provides an initial step in filling the gap on the concrete architectural styles and patterns for applying blockchain to healthcare apps by showing the features and implementation challenges in healthcare interoperability, and how applying foundational software patterns can help address common interoperability challenges faced by blockchain-based healthcare apps.
BBDS: Blockchain-Based Data Sharing for Electronic Medical Records in Cloud Environments
This work proposes a blockchain-based data sharing framework that sufficiently addresses the access control challenges associated with sensitive data stored in the cloud using immutability and built-in autonomy properties of the blockchain.
MedRec: Using Blockchain for Medical Data Access and Permission Management
This paper proposes MedRec: a novel, decentralized record management system to handle EMRs, using blockchain technology, and incentivizes medical stakeholders to participate in the network as blockchain “miners”, enabling the emergence of data economics.