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A Review of Goldratt ’ s Theory of Constraints ( TOC ) – lessons from the international literature

  title={A Review of Goldratt ’ s Theory of Constraints ( TOC ) – lessons from the international literature},
  author={Steven J. Balderstone and Victoria J. Mabin},
Abstract The two authors are finalising the first comprehensive bibliography on the Theory of Constraints (TOC)[23] which is to be published by North River Press, the publishers of several works on TOC, most notably Eli Goldratt’s seminal works [11-17], such as The Goal, It’s Not Luck, and Critical Chain. Based on our extensive search of the literature, this talk will draw on examples of applications of TOC, and summarise important findings on the theory and practice of TOC. Although initially… Expand
Theory of constraints: a theory for operations management
The paper concludes that the TOC provides approaches to operations decisions that avoid pitfalls of local optimization by reaching across functional boundaries in organizations. Expand
Applying theory of constraints in administrative process: An experiment from the U.S. government
U.S. Federal Government contracting has continually been assailed for waste and inefficiency. After a failed technological solution from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) procurement, and severalExpand
Interpreting and applying demand driven MRP: a case study
Purpose – The purpose of this research is to evaluate Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) in the context of improving the performance of a printing ink manufacturing company. TheExpand
Application of Theory of Constraints in South Africa : A case study in a platinum mine
The Theory of Constraints has become one of the greatest solutions in industries of developed countries. This multifaceted strategy has become the answer to many organizations that were on a freeExpand
A practical approach to achieving Agility–a theory of constraints perspective
This article documents an action research (AR) project aimed at identifying the practical steps needed to become an agile manufacturer through a combination of the theory of constraints (TOC) andExpand
Buffer Based CCPM Scheduling:A Modern Approach for Indian Constraints
Main aim of paper is to explore the opportunities to apply CCPM by means of literature review to minimize uncertainty and variation in project activity duration. Expand
Business Process Improvement in Commercial Ship Division of PT. X: A Theory of Constraints Thinking Process Approach
PT. X as one of the biggest shipyard is facing a great challenge to keep its existence. One of its division which has the largest production capacity and expected contribution, is Commercial ShipExpand
A Literature Review on Production Scheduling with the Drum-Buffer-Rope Technique
Minimizing production cost is a key element of the industry. To use resources efficiently, various concepts of operations management have been developed since the Industrial Revolution such as justExpand
MSc THESIS Design Space Exploration Using Theory of Constraints
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science CE-MS-2006-17 Computer Systems are very complex systems. In some sense they resemble factories having many production resources,Expand
Strategies for U.S. City Government Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation Success
Strategies for U.S. City Government Enterprise Resource Planning System Implementation Success by Jennifer A. Miller MS, University of Alabama, 2011 BS, Northwest Florida State College, 2009 DoctoralExpand


Synergies from spreadsheet LP used with the theory of constraints—a case study
It is argued that traditional LP practice should be modified in light of the ease with which LPs can be solved, and it is suggested that the Theory of Constraints approach provides a useful framework to guide LP use. Expand
Goldratt's Theory of Constraints: A Systems Approach to Continuous Improvement
Organizations live or die as systems not processes. Their success or failure is a function of how well the different component processes interact with one another. Real quality improvement isn'tExpand
Securing the Future: Strategies for Exponential Growth Using the Theory of Constraints
An Opening Word Overview of the Theory of Constraints-A Systematic Method for Getting Improvement Across an Organization Inspect What You Expect-The Goal and Measurement Two Paradigms-Moving from theExpand
International operations: crossing borders in manufacturing and service
Plenary Paper Outlines. The Manufacturing Futures Project (J.G. Miller). Dominate or Die: Market-Driven Restructuring (M.D. Oliff). International Operations. Comparing Manufacturing Practices inExpand
Using the theory of constraints to guide the implementation of quality improvement projects in manufacturing operations
Several studies have shown that more than 70% of all medium to large size companies (sales exceeding $19 million) have some form of quality improvement program in place. Based on independent studiesExpand
The theory of constraints and its implications for management accounting
theory of constraints and its implications for management theory of constraints and its implications for management accounting eric w noreen of the implementation of the theory of constraints atExpand
The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement
1. The Goal is a novel about a manufacturing plant manager’s quest to improve his factory. He learns: Since any organization has one goal, improvements must directly address that highestExpand
Case Survey Methodology: Quantitative Analysis of Patterns Across Case Studies
Case surveys bridge the gap between nomothetic surveys and idiographic case studies to combine their respective benefits of generalizable, crosssectional analysis and in-depth, processual analysis....
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