A Review of Endocrine Disorders in Thalassaemia

  title={A Review of Endocrine Disorders in Thalassaemia},
  author={Parijat De and Radhika Mistry and Christine Wright and Shivan Pancham and Wyn Burbridge and Kalyan Gangopadhayay and Terence Pang and Gautam Das},
Endocrine dysfunction in thalassaemia is amongst the most common complication and is principally attributed to excessive iron overload and suboptimal chelation. The prevalence is quite high particularly in multiethnic populations but determining the prevalence is often difficult due to the widespread heterogeneity of the population and timing of exposure to chelation therapy. Disturbances in growth, pubertal development, abnormal gonadal functions, impaired thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal… CONTINUE READING