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A Review of Cross Validation and Adaptive Model Selection

  title={A Review of Cross Validation and Adaptive Model Selection},
  author={A. Syed},
  • A. Syed
  • Published 2011
  • Computer Science
We perform a review of model selection procedures, in particular various cross validation procedures and adaptive model selection. We cover important results for these procedures and explore the connections between different procedures and information criteria. INDEX WORDS: Model selection, Adaptive model selection, Cross validation, Information Criteria A REVIEW OF CROSS VALIDATION AND ADAPTIVE MODEL SELECTION 
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ST ] 2 4 Ju l 2 01 8 V-Spline and Bayes Estimate
It is known that a smoothing spline can be thought of as the posterior mean of a Gaussian process regression in a certain limit. By constructing a reproducing kernel Hilbert space with an appropriateExpand
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Malaria early warning tool: linking inter-annual climate and malaria variability in northern Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
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