A Review of Cerebral Autoregulation : Assessment and Measurements

  title={A Review of Cerebral Autoregulation : Assessment and Measurements},
  author={Erhard W. Lang and Yugan Mudaliar and Jim Lagopoulos and N Dorsch and Alan Yam and Jane M Griffith and Jamin M. Mulvey},
Principles of Cerebral Autoregulation Testing Cerebral Autoregulation (CA) is the intrinsic ability of the brain to maintain stable cerebral blood flow (CBF) while mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) are changing. It constitutes a regulatory mechanism to provide metabolic substrates under physiological and pathological conditions, for instance after neuro-trauma or spontaneous intra-cranial haemorrhage. Constant CBF is regulated by changing arteriolar… CONTINUE READING