A Review of Biofuels Production Technologies from Microalgae

  title={A Review of Biofuels Production Technologies from Microalgae},
  author={Jo-Yong Park and Jae-Kon Kim and Cheunkyu Park},
>> Biofuels produced from biomass can be substituted for petroleum fuels due to GHG reduction, sustainability and environmental friendly. The process technologies that convert biomass into biofuels are varied and depend on the feedstocks. Microalgae are considered to be one of the most promising alternative source to the conventional feedstocks for biofuel. Microalgae can be converted to biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas and biojet fuel via thermolchemical and biochemical production technologies… 
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A Study on the Fuel Quality Characteristics and Cold Weather Performance Test for Biodiesel Derived from Microalgae

A Study on the Fuel Quality Characteristics and Cold Weather Performance Test for Biodiesel Derived from Microalgae CHEOL-HWAN JEON, CHEON-KYU PARK, JAE-HYUK LIM, YOUNG-JIN RYU, JI-HYUN YANG,



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