A Review of Advanced Microwave Equipment on the Experimental Satellite Stentor

  title={A Review of Advanced Microwave Equipment on the Experimental Satellite Stentor},
  author={Jean Louis Cazaux and Bernard Cogo and Christian Tronche and Regis Barbaste and Gaelle Jarthon and Herv{\'e} L{\'e}v{\^e}que and G. Naudy and Jose Pinho and Daniel Roques},
  journal={1998 28th European Microwave Conference},
The explosion of the telecommunication market is also impacting the space segment and the satellite payloads. All over the world, the industry is making strong efforts to reduce cost and delivering time for commercial programs, while decreasing hardware mass and increasing overall performance. Following American and Japanese initiatives, the French agencies (CNES, France Télécom. DGA) have joined their efforts to promote new and competitive technologies by implementing a technological program… Expand
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STENTOR programme: An ongoing and efficient way for preparing the future
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Ku-band Quadri-SSPA for Stentor satellite transmit active antenna
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<FulN- lntegrated QPSK Linear Modulator For Space Appiications in Ku-Band »>. to be presenited at 98Th EuMC. A msterdamii
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STENTOR Ku-Band Transmit Active Antennia: Achieved Pertorimances At The End O-f Developmiient Plhase >). 2 I" ESA Workshop on Array Antenna Technolories
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