A Review and Critique of Research on Same-Sex Parenting and Adoption

  title={A Review and Critique of Research on Same-Sex Parenting and Adoption},
  author={Walter Richard Schumm},
  journal={Psychological Reports},
  pages={641 - 760}
  • W. Schumm
  • Published 12 September 2016
  • Psychology
  • Psychological Reports
Are the outcomes for children of gay, lesbian, or bisexual parents in general the same as those for heterosexual parents? That controversial question is discussed here in a detailed review of the social science literature in three parts: (1) stability of same-sex parental relationships, (2) child outcomes, and (3) child outcomes in same-sex adoption. Relationship instability appears to be higher among gay and lesbian parent couples and may be a key mediating factor influencing outcomes for… 

Comparing the Outcomes of Children of Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Partners: Overview of the Quantitative Studies Conducted on Random Representative Samples

The research on homoparentality started in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the AngloSaxon context. A great majority of those studies found no evidence of harmful outcomes for the children of

Changes Over the Decades in Selected LGBTQ Research Findings

Research has been ongoing regarding homosexuality and same-sex parenting for over fifty years, yet a recent (2020) review of the literature stated that the field was still in its infancy. Here

The Family Lives of Australian Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People: a Review of the Literature and a Research Agenda

Families and relationships are important social domains in which the circumstances of lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people often differ from those of heterosexual people. Gaining a better

Potential differences between the political attitudes of people with same-sex parents and people with different-sex parents: An exploratory assessment of first-year college students

This exploratory study analyzes a large, representative survey of first-year college students across the United States and finds few differences between people with same-sex and different-sex parents, but when on the rare occasion a difference exists, it is found that people withsame-sex female parents are more progressive, but people withSame-sex male parents areMore conservative.

Annual Research Review: Interparental conflict and youth psychopathology an evidence review and practice focused update

  • G. HaroldR. Sellers
  • Psychology
    Journal of child psychology and psychiatry, and allied disciplines
  • 2018
Evidence is reviewed and an integrated theoretical model is presented, highlighting how children are affected by interparental conflict and what this evidence base means for effective intervention and prevention program development, as well as the development of possible cost-benefit models.

Why parenting matters for children in the 21st century

This paper provides a structured overview of the existing parenting literature with the aim of developing an evidence-based and culture-sensitive framework of parenting and its influence on child

The Mediating Effects of Social Self-Concept on Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Parenting Intentions

College students’ parenting intentions have received increased attention by scholars around the world in recent years, but little is known about potential demographic differences affecting the

What We Know and What Remains to Be Explored about LGBTQ Parent Families in Israel: A Sociocultural Perspective

This paper reviews research on gay and lesbian parent families in Israel through cultural lenses while recognizing the diversity of these families. The major aims of the review are: (1) to provide an

“This is all normal and normal is relative to you”: LGBTQ+ Parents’ Experiences Discussing Sex and Sexuality with their Children


Surviving Melancholy and Mourning: a Queer Politics of Damage in Italian Literary. Representations of Same-sex Parenting

While family forms are ever more diverse, there are few critical analyses of the ways in which LGBTQ families have been represented in fiction. This article explores recent Italian novels by



Children and Adolescents With Same-Gender Parents: A Meta-Analytic Approach in Assessing Outcomes

Given the societal, political, and cultural divide on the topic of same-gender parenting, there is a need for a stronger body of evidence that accurately identifies outcomes for children and

More Heat Than Light: A Critical Assessment of the Same-Sex Parenting Literature, 1995–2013

Regardless of what science ultimately demonstrates about same-sex family structure, it is important to safeguard the research process from political pressures: either anti-gay marriage or pro-gay rights.

An Evaluation of Gay/Lesbian and Heterosexual Adoption

Many experts in the helping professions have agreed that there is no scientific credence to support a gay and lesbian adoption ban. Nevertheless, there continues to be persistent mythology pertaining

How) Does The Sexual Orientation Of Parents Matter

Opponents of lesbian and gay parental rights claim that children with lesbigay parents are at higher risk for a variety of negative outcomes. Yet most research in psychology concludes that there are

A Meta-Analysis of Developmental Outcomes for Children of Same-Sex and Heterosexual Parents

ABSTRACT While there has been a recent upsurge in the number of studies related to children raised by gay and lesbian parents, the literature in this area continues to be small and wrought with

Evaluating the Methodology of Social Science Research on Sexual Orientation and Parenting : A Tale of Three Studies

This Article evaluates the validity and generalizability of findings from three studies that have been cited as evidence that children are negatively affected by having parents who are members of a

Intergenerational Transfer of Parental Sexual Orientation and Other Myths

Are same-sex parents more likely to raise lesbian, gay, or bisexual (LGB) children than are heterosexual parents? Since 1991, the answers from social science theory and the answers suggested by much

It's Really About Sex: Same-Sex Marriage, Lesbigay Parenting, and the Psychology of Disgust

The effect of gay and lesbian parenting on children has been the touchstone issue in much of the recent state litigation on same sex marriage, with opponents of same sex marriage arguing that there

Predictors of psychological adjustment in early placed adopted children with lesbian, gay, and heterosexual parents.

  • A. GoldbergJuliAnna Z. Smith
  • Psychology
    Journal of family psychology : JFP : journal of the Division of Family Psychology of the American Psychological Association
  • 2013
The findings point to the importance of considering the adoptive family context (including parent and couple subsystems) in predicting later adjustment in early placed adopted children, in diverse family contexts.