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A Review Paper on Introduction of Parallel Manipulator and Control System

  title={A Review Paper on Introduction of Parallel Manipulator and Control System},
  author={Medha Jayant Patil and Manish P. Deshmukh},
  journal={International journal of engineering research and technology},
  • M. J. Patil, M. P. Deshmukh
  • Published 3 February 2015
  • Computer Science
  • International journal of engineering research and technology
The manufacturing community is on the cusp of a development and innovation, a revolution that largely will be driven by technology. It is vital to find the most cost-effective tools and processes to increase productivity and decrease costs within a set capital plan. Robotic automation is a significant part of manufacturing process. Image processing has become a highly adopted tool to improve the productivity of robotic automation in all industries and all facets of placement which offer… 

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TheDelta robot, as one of the most significant industrialized parallel robots due to its simplicity, is considered in this work, which provides an overview of the multidisciplinary aspects of the new Smile.Tech’s 3D-printed and low-cost Delta robot, the Óscar family.

Design of a soft, parallel end-effector applied to robot-guided ultrasound interventions

  • L. LindenrothA. Soor Hongbin Liu
  • Engineering, Materials Science
    2017 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)
  • 2017
This paper investigates the applicability of a soft robotic end-effector for ultrasound intervention using a novel, parallel design derived based on the medical requirements, which addresses common shortcomings in both robotic ultrasound systems and soft robotic devices.



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The Delta robot with the custom built eye in hand CMOS camera is successfully controlled to walk along a PCB trace that is visually feedback and within two and a half millimeters as the probe is staying on the trace all the way.

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From the Publisher: This book is about the application of high-speed machine vision for close-loop position control, or visual servoing, of a robot manipulator. It provides a comprehensive coverage


This paper gives survey of the position analysis, jacobian and singularity analysis, stiffness analysis, dynamics and applications of serial and parallel robots. Also a detailed comparison of the

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The depth-profiles of amorphous TbFeCo films sputtered onto polycarbonate substrate were studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Oxidized metals, oxides and hydroxides for example, and adsorbed

Technical writer's handbook

A handbook Technical writer's handbook is not. The book's design and page format and the writer's style do not permit easy access to the wealth of information available in this book. However, for the