A Review: Devices used for Detecting Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy

  • Supriya Mangalpalli, Kanchan Gorde
  • Published 2015


Diabetic Autonomic neuropathy is serious complication that is causing mortality. The aim of this study is to provide detailed discussion related to different screening tools used for early detection of DAN which can be detected by the visual acuity parameters tracked by using LEDs of color blue, white, red and green which are continuously turned ON and OFF and with two different intensities 50mcd and 500mcd for stimulation of pupils which are captured by camera on spectacle mounted assembly. The designs are wearable devices, which comprises of ccd or noir camera, to detect visual acuity parameters consisting of pupil dilation, constriction and pupil diameter The beam splitter is used to filter the light captured which is provided to microcontroller for processing. These devices work as simple screening tool to avoid hazardous effects due to diabetic autonomic neuropathy, especially for patients with undiagnosed cardiac autonomic neuropathy which raises mortality rate. The pupil dynamics analysis has the potential for supporting such a screening approach. The pupil dynamics help in detecting the neurological disorders especially functioning of autonomic nervous system which handles functioning of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, vision etc. Hence these are effective and prick-free diagnosis of pupil parameters give information about autonomic neuropathy before it affects functioning of prime organs and also gives details about severity of Type-2 diabetes.

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