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A Review : Shadow Detection and Removal

  title={A Review : Shadow Detection and Removal},
  author={Vijay Chondagar and Harshiv Pandya and Rinkesh Patel},
Shadow detection and removal in various real life scenarios including surveillance system, indoor outdoor scenes, and computer vision system remained a challenging task. Shadow detection and removal is a very crucial and inevitable task of some computer vision algorithms for applications such as image segmentation and object detection and tracking. Shadows in an image can reveal information about the object’s shape and orientation, and even about the light source. Shadow in traffic surveillance… 

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An Adaptive Tracking for Moving Targets in Shadows and poor Illuminations

An adaptive algorithm using the Difference method with normalized values indexed with Vegetation parameters (NDVI) is utilized to differentiate the target from shadows followed by tracking the desired object which may be moving at different speeds by an improved optical flow algorithm.

Shadow extraction of building using fusion of edge and point feature orientation from high resolution satellite imagery

This research uses local feature to identify the shadow of buildings in order to detect building position recognition and estimates their orientation after point local feature extraction, which indicates the efficiency and proper performance of the proposed method.

Revisiting Shadow Detection: A New Benchmark Dataset for Complex World

This work collected shadow images for multiple scenarios and compiled a new dataset of 10,500 shadow images, each with labeled ground-truth mask, for supporting shadow detection in the complex world.

Histogram based segmentation of shadowed leaf images

This paper corresponds to the solution of some problems realized during ragweed identification experiments, namely the samples collected on the field by botanical experts did not match the initial conditions expected, and a qualitative technique is described to select the appropriate values from the filtered outputs.

Shallow triple Unet for shadow detection

A network, named Shallow Triple Unet, using shallow Unet as a unit for shadow detection, which can achieve a good shadow detection effect with the techniques of hierarchical supervision and results fusion is proposed.

A Study on Image Forgery Detection Techniques

The aim of this study is to provide the knowledge of image forgery and its detection techniques for the new researchers.

The accuracy of a 2D video-based lifting monitor

An algorithm for automatically calculating the revised NIOSH lifting equation using a single video camera was evaluated in comparison to laboratory 3D motion capture, indicating that this method has suitable accuracy for practical use and may be, particularly, useful when multiple lifts are evaluated.

Detection of Moving Cast Shadow and Removal for Video Surveillance using HSV Color Space

Variance property, Texture and intensity in HSV color space are utilized to distinguish the shadow region and shadow removal is based on the data from the reference frame.



Review on Shadow Detection and Removal Techniques/Algorithms

This paper is aimed to provide a survey on various algorithms and methods of shadow detection and removal with their advantages and disadvantages and serve as a quick reference for the researchers working in same field.

Shadowing in Digital Images: Detection & Removal

A method of shadow detection and the shadow removal algorithm to segment the shadow from the foreground is proposed and the performance of the successful object recognition, image analysis and object tracking algorithms would be degraded.

A Shadow Detection and Removal from a Single Image Using LAB Color Space

A simple method to detect and remove shadows from a single RGB image and the advantage of this method is that removing shadow does not affect the texture and all the details in the shadowed regions.

Detection and Removal of Shadow using Chromaticity

A new algorithm is proposed to detect and remove the shadow form the still outdoor images through the use of the chromaticity, which is based on image analysis.

Shadow Detection and Removal Based on YCbCr Color Space

The most salient feature of the proposed framework is that after removing shadows, there is no harsh transition between the shadowed parts and non-shadowed parts, and all the details in theShadowed regions remain intact.

Shadow Detection and Removal from Remote Sensing Images using NDI and Morphological Operators

An efficient and simple approach for shadow detection and removal based on HSV color model in complex urban color remote sensing images for solving problems caused by shadows is presented.

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