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A Review : Comparison between Grazing Behavior of Cattle and Sheep

  title={A Review : Comparison between Grazing Behavior of Cattle and Sheep},
  author={Nima Mosavat and Mohammad. Chamani},
The aim of this study was to investigate the behavior of cattle and sheep grazing and expression of behavioral differences between cattle and sheep is because, to thereby allow grazing management strategies amid animal feed. Grazing circumstances, the daily consumption and duration is grazing, it can result from consumption of feed bite mass (mass and carved teeth) and tooth cutting (bite rate) Fodder, and the duration of time since eating and eating meals to consider. All herbivores digest and… 
Behavior and distribution patterns of Katahdin rams in southern-pine silvopastures with cool-season forages
Katahdin rams were found safe to graze in mixed southern-pine silvopasture systems consisting of 12-year-old trees during the coolseason grazing period and had a small value of distribution evenness index.
Assessment of Ruminal Disorders and Their Therapeutic Management at Three Veterinary Clinics in Gondar Town, North Western Ethiopia: A Retrospective Study
Ruminal disorders are the major challenges for livestock production in the study areas and accurate veterinary diagnosis and proper management of ruminal disorders as well as proper animal husbandry and feeding management are important to reduce the impact.
Sero-prevalence of toxoplasmosis in sheep and goats in El-Gadarif state
The prevalence of anti-toxopalsma antibodies is relatively high and there was no between-species variation in sero-positivity, according to a cross-sectional study conducted in El-Gadarif state.


Palatability and feeding behaviour in ruminants. A review
La quantite ingeree pour evaluer l'appetibilite est critiquable car alors les effets postingestifs de l'aliment sont partiellement confondus avec celle-ci, toutefois il existe des techniques experimentales qui permettent de separer les deux phenomenes.
Feeding Behaviour
  • 2002
Feeding Behaviour of Dairy Cattle
  • Advances in Dairy Technology
  • 2002