A Reversible Photoreaction Controlling Seed Germination.

  title={A Reversible Photoreaction Controlling Seed Germination.},
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Effect of Light on the Formation of a Pigment in the Tomato Fruit Cuticle.
The state of catalase in the respiring bacterial cell and the development of tyrosinase and cytochrome oxidase activity in mutants of Glomerella cingulata are studied. Expand
Effect of 6-(Substituted)Thio- and Amino-Purines on Germination of Lettuce Seed.
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The Induction of Seed Germination in Arabidopsis thaliana Is Regulated Principally by Phytochrome B and Secondarily by Phytochrome A
We examined whether spectrally active phytochrome A (PhyA) and phytochrome B (PhyB) play specific roles in the induction of seed germination in Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh., using PhyA- andExpand
Photoreversibility of Flower Initiation.
The purpose of the studies reported herein was to investigate some of the details of this photoreversible reaction as it applies to the control of flower initiation. Expand
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Exogenous Substrate Utilization and Fermentation by the Pollen of Pinus ponderosa.
The purpose of the studies reported herein was to investigate some of the details of this photoreversible reaction as it applies to the control of flower initiation. Expand
Comparative Habitat Requirements for Spore Germination and Prothallial Growth of Three Ferns in Southeastern Michigan
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A Study of the Germination Process of Seeds of Heteranthera Limosa.
The seed of the aquatic plant, Heteranthera limosa Willd., are seen to have two requirements for germination: anaerobic conditions and light. Dormancy involves the seed coat which acts as aExpand
How Phytochrome Acts — Perspectives on the Continuing Quest
Prevention of etiolation, control of seed germination, and influence on flowering are three major aspects of the effect of light on plant growth and development, i.e., on photomorphogenesis. Each ofExpand
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Light is shed on the early stages of growth cessation in deciduous trees, especially with respect to the role of phyA and GAs, and on the importance of GAs in growth as such, with important implications for wood production. Expand


Biological Effects of Radiation, Duggar
  • 1936