A Reusable Multi-Agent Architecture for Active Intelligent Websites


In this paper a reusable multi-agent architecture for intelligent Websites is presented and illustrated for an electronic department store. The architecture has been designed and implemented using the compositional design method for multi-agent systems DESIRE. The agents within this architecture are based on a generic information broker agent model. It is shown how the architecture can be exploited to design an intelligent Website for insurance, developed in co-operation with the software company Ordina Utopics and an insurance company.

DOI: 10.1023/A:1011248605761

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@article{Jonker2001ARM, title={A Reusable Multi-Agent Architecture for Active Intelligent Websites}, author={Catholijn M. Jonker and Remco A. Lam and Jan Treur}, journal={Applied Intelligence}, year={2001}, volume={15}, pages={7-24} }