A Response to Alain de Benoist

  title={A Response to Alain de Benoist},
  author={Tamir Bar-On},
  journal={Journal for the Study of Radicalism},
  pages={123 - 168}
  • T. Bar-On
  • Published 21 July 2014
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  • Journal for the Study of Radicalism
F rench New Right (nouvelle droite—ND) intellectual leader Alain de Benoist commented on my article entitled “The French New Right: Neither Right, nor Left?” This piece is a response to “Alain de Benoist Answers Tamir Bar-On.” The purpose of this response is fourfold: (1) to highlight my main arguments about the ND; (2) to set the record straight by showing numerous examples of de Benoist’s attempts to discredit my works through lies, ad hominem attacks, selective citations, and reductionism… 


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