A Research Note on Islam , Democracy , and Secularism

  title={A Research Note on Islam , Democracy , and Secularism},
  author={AHMET T. KURU},
  • Published 2009
A ccording to Freedom House, out of 193 countries in the world, 119 are electoral democracies. Yet among 46 Muslimmajority countries, only nine are electoral democracies. In other words, the ratio of democracies in the world is 62% while that in Muslimmajority countries is only 20%.1 In addition to defining them as democracy or not, Freedom House also gives specific scores to countries to categorize them as “free” (scores from 1 to 2.5), “partly-free” (3 to 5), or “non-free” (5.5 to 7… CONTINUE READING

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