A Requirement for a XML Web Services Security Architecture

  title={A Requirement for a XML Web Services Security Architecture},
  author={L. Vasiu and Cristian Donciulescu},
Lately, XML Web Services are emerging as a dominant platform in the computing world. At the moment, the web has evolved into an active medium for providers and consumers of services. One of the major problems for XML Web Services is the related with security. The paper describes a comprehensive XML Web Services Management Architecture that supports, integrates and unifies several security models, mechanisms and technologies in a way that enable a variety of systems to securely interoperate in a… Expand
A Security Architecture for Inter-Organizational Workflows: Putting Security Standards for Web Services Together
The SECTINO project follows the paradigm of model driven security architecture: high level business-oriented security requirements for inter-organizational workflows are translated into a configuration for a standards based target architecture. Expand


Remote References and XML Web Services
The software architecture concept of remote references is described and it is shown why they are best avoided when using XML Web Services due to the fundamental mismatch between the service-oriented middleware approach of Web Services and the object- oriented middleware required to support a remote reference architecture. Expand
Web Services and Peer-to-Peer
A closer look at the Web services technology reveals a great potential for a combination of both Peer-to-Peer and Web services. Expand
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