A Reply to Mr. Hawtrey

  title={A Reply to Mr. Hawtrey},
  author={Philippe Schwob},
First of all, I feel very pleased in thanking Mr. Hawtrey for the attention he has given to my paper. I am not sure that our theses are as close together as he thinks they are, and I shall try to make my ideas more precise in the light of his valuable objections. I beg the reader to excuse the " gallicisms " he may find in these few pages, but I prefer to write them myself in bad English than to have them translated. Though, thanks to the Editor, the translation of my original article was done… 

Central banking under the gold standard: Rist versus Hawtrey on the policy of the bank of France from 1928 to 1931

Abstract It is widely believed that the difficult return to the gold standard during the 1920s and its demise in 1931 intensified the Great Depression. An interesting way of thinking about national