A Remedy for the Overzealous Bonferroni Technique for Multiple Statistical Tests

  title={A Remedy for the Overzealous Bonferroni Technique for Multiple Statistical Tests},
  author={Zvi Drezner and Taly Dawn Drezner},
  journal={Bulletin of The Ecological Society of America},
Ecological research often involves multiple statistical tests. It is common practice to employ the Bonferroni technique or its more advanced sequential variant for such multiple tests. Indeed, Moran (Oikos, 100, 2003, 403) found that 13% of ecological papers apply this technique. The seminal paper by Rice (Evolution, 43, 1989, 223) that introduced this technique to the ecological community, is cited to date over 12 000 times. However, these techniques are conservative and some null hypotheses… 
Shade, reproductive effort and growth of the endangered native cactus, Opuntia humifusa Raf. in Point Pelee National Park, Canada1
  • T. Drezner
  • Environmental Science
    The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society
  • 2017
It was observed that reproduction decreased with shade, and increasing shade is known to cause population decline, making the effects of light stress at PPNP difficult to determine.
Stable motifs delay species loss in simulated food webs
While motif roles were associated with extinction risk, they also varied strongly with degree and trophic level, which means that these simpler measures of a species’ role may be sufficient to roughly predict which species are most vulnerable to disturbance, but the additional information encapsulated in a motif role can further refine predictions of vulnerability.
Related plants tend to share pollinators and herbivores, but strength of phylogenetic signal varies among plant families.
The strength of this relationship within a network was unrelated to the composition of the network's plant component, but, when considered separately, different plant families showed different relationships between phylogenetic distance and overlap of interaction partners.
Variations In Saguaro Cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) Spine Length In Wet and Dry Portions of Their Range
Spine length in the keystone Carnegiea gigantea (Engelm.) Britton & Rose in two northern Sonoran Desert populations where this species is ultimately limited by cold temperatures increases, providing thermal protection and reducing photosynthesis, where temperature is more extreme and where conditions are more xeric.
Spatial scale mediates the effects of biodiversity on marine primary producers.
The results of this species-removal experiment indicate that weak and/or inconsistent biodiversity effects at the level of individual sites may scale up to stronger, more consistent effects at larger spatial scales.
Motivations and Satisfaction of North Dakota Deer Hunters During a Temporal Decline in Deer Populations
Achieving state wildlife agency biological goals for deer (Odocoileus spp.) management may often conflict with hunter desires. Concomitantly, better information is needed to optimize agency deer herd
Innovations in Statistical Analysis and Genetic Algorithms
  • T. Drezner
  • Computer Science
    Contributions to Location Analysis
  • 2019
Biological principles were used to innovate new approaches in genetic algorithms that yielded improved solutions to optimization problems, finding improved best known results for multiple instances.
Effects of herbivores, wave exposure and depth on benthic coral communities of the Easter Island ecoregion
Analysis of herbivorous fish biomass, sea urchin density, and algal and coral cover found significant differences between islands, suggesting herbivores and wave energy likely play important roles in structuring these benthic communities, especially for algal groups.
A survey of psychological practitioner workplace wellbeing.
The results confirmed psychological practitioners as an at-risk group and identified a number of factors associated with workplace wellbeing.


Arguments for rejecting the sequential Bonferroni in ecological studies
Interpretation of results that include multiple statistical tests has been an issue of great concern for some time in the ecological literature. The basic problem is that when multiple tests are
Simultaneous Statistical Inference
1 Introduction.- 1 Case of two means.- 2 Error rates.- 2.1 Probability of a nonzero family error rate.- 2.2 Expected family error rate.- 2.3 Allocation of error.- 3 Basic techniques.- 3.1 Repeated
A test of the relationship between seasonal rainfall and saguaro cacti branching patterns
Reproductive output, as well as photosynthetically active radiation interception and CO 2 uptake, increase as saguaro cacti Carnegiea gigantea (Engelm.) Britt. and Rose branch, and branching
A Simple Sequentially Rejective Multiple Test Procedure
This paper presents a simple and widely ap- plicable multiple test procedure of the sequentially rejective type, i.e. hypotheses are rejected one at a tine until no further rejections can be done. It
Variation in age and height of onset of reproduction in the saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) in the Sonoran Desert
Statistical results are robust and significant variations in the onset of reproduction are observed by both age and height across the four sites, which have implications for regeneration, particularly in marginal locales where regeneration is already limited.
  • W. Rice
  • Biology, Medicine
    Evolution; international journal of organic evolution
  • 1989
Technique non parametrique pour la signification statistique de tables de tests utilisees dans les etudes sur l'evolution notamment
Computation of the multivariate normal integral
This paper presents a direct computation of the multivariate normal integral by the Gauss Quadrature method with results for multivariate integrals consisting of up to twelve normal distributions.
A first course in order statistics
Basic Distribution Theory Discrete Order Statistics Order Statistics from Some Specific Distributions Moment Relations, Bounds, and Approximations Characterizations Using Order Statistics Order