A Reliable Routing Technology Based on Direction Judgment for Vehicular Network


In vehicular ad hoc network, the disconnection of the multi-hop routing is frequently when nodes move in opposite direction with fast speed. This paper proposes a new reliable routing protocol for vehicular network——DAODV, in which the intermediate node could judge the motion direction when establishes the routing. When source node sends the routing request information, its motion information is also included. After receiving the request packet, the intermediate node calculates the motion direction angle according to the two nodes’ motion information. Then it judges whether the angle is less than the threshold value. If not, it discards the packet, otherwise, it continues. This further ensures the reliability of the routing algorithm. We compare the performance of DAODV and AODV using network simulator NS-2 with the actual node movement model. The simulation results show that the adoption of this method extends the life cycle of the routing and reduces the frequency of re-establishing of the routing.

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