A Redshift Survey of the Submillimeter Galaxy Population

  title={A Redshift Survey of the Submillimeter Galaxy Population},
  author={Ceri Chapman and Andrew W. Blain and Ian R. Smail and R J Ivison},
We have obtained spectroscopic redshifts using the Keck I telescope for a sample of 73 submillimeter galaxies (SMGs), with a median 850 m flux density of 5.7 mJy, for which precise positions are available through their faint radio emission. The galaxies lie at redshifts out to z 1⁄4 3:6, with a median redshift of 2.2 and an interquartile range z 1⁄41:7–2.8. Modeling a purely submillimeter flux–limited sample, based on the expected selection function for our radio-identified sample, suggests a… CONTINUE READING


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Deep Millimeter Surveys: Implications for Galaxy Formation

  • Chapman, C S.
  • 2000

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