A Reconstruction of a Roman Saddle.

  title={A Reconstruction of a Roman Saddle.},
  author={Peter Connolly},
  pages={353 - 355}
I was not able to identify the caracalla, at that time, with any of the garments seen in the repertoire of western provincial Roman art; for two other styles of hooded cape, the Celtic byrrus and the Italian paenula, were also in circulation and not enough explicit information was available to distinguish one from the others. Recently, however, a complete surviving late Roman cape from Egypt has been published which reproduces the characteristic features of the byrrus as I once defined them… 

Hadrian to the Antonines

Hadrian's position as emperor was apparently far from secure. Hadrian is said to have played a personal role in the temple's design, one of many examples of his vaunted omniscience. Only Antoninus

Nerva to Hadrian

M. Cocceius Nerva's celebration of Divus Augustus on coins was to show his desire for continuity with the Julio-Claudians, and he was eventually buried in the Mausoleum of Augustus with those

Emperor, Senate and magistrates

The relationship between emperor and Senate was always the result of the tension between what the majority of senators thought the emperor should be, and what he really was, or could become: princeps

The Roman Cavalry Saddle

No Roman saddle survives complete. For its reconstruction we are therefore reduced to depictions or models of saddled horses and to making sense out of what archaeological evidence remains. Since

Syria and Arabia

This chapter discusses the four main aspects of the history of Roman provinces: the process of provincialization; the organization of the indigenous societies; the spread of the civic model and the

Rome and Italy

Augustus had started the process of making Rome, as a matter of policy, a worthy capital of the world. Travelling to Rome, city of wonders in a land of wonders, was a special experience. In the world

‘Visual competence’ in archaeology: a problem hiding in plain sight

Abstract This paper is dedicated to the memory of Peter Connolly FSA (1935–2012), illustrator, author, experimental archaeologist and inspiration.

Art and architecture

There are six programs within the College of Art and Architecture: Architecture, Bioregional Planning and Community Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Art and Design, Landscape Architecture,