A Reconfigurable Virtual Storage Device


This research is motivated by the demands of personalizedstorage devices that fit the quality-of-service needs of each individual user. In particular, the design of a virtual storage device, that consists of multiple heterogeneous storage devices, is proposed with the capability in dynamic reconfiguration to fit the needs of users. A dynamic remapping mechanism is presented with a heap-based data structure to manage the moving of data among component storage devices for performance optimization. A lazy swapping method is then proposed to reduce the mapping overheads. The capability of the proposed design is evaluated with a prototype virtual storage device of a flash drive and a hard drive overan ex2 file system and realistic/generated workloads.

DOI: 10.1109/ISORC.2009.8

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@article{Hsiao2009ARV, title={A Reconfigurable Virtual Storage Device}, author={Su-Fang Hsiao and Pi-Cheng Hsiu and Tei-Wei Kuo}, journal={2009 IEEE International Symposium on Object/Component/Service-Oriented Real-Time Distributed Computing}, year={2009}, pages={80-87} }