A Real-time Junk Food Recognition System based on Machine Learning

  title={A Real-time Junk Food Recognition System based on Machine Learning},
  author={Sirajum Munira Shifat and Takitazwar Parthib and Sabikunnahar Talukder Pyaasa and Nila Maitra Chaity and N. Udhaya Kumar and Md. Kishor Morol},
As a result of bad eating habits, humanity may be destroyed. People are constantly on the lookout for tasty foods, with junk foods being the most common source. As a consequence, our eating patterns are shifting, and we’re gravitating toward junk food more than ever, which is bad for our health and increases our risk of acquiring health problems. Machine learning principles are applied in every aspect of our lives, and one of them is object recognition via image processing. However, because… 

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  • Computer Science
    2018 IEEE-EMBS Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES)
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The fine-tuned DCNN which was pre-trained with 2000 categories in the ImageNet including 1000 food-related categories was the best method, and it was found that DCNN was very suitable for large-scale image data, since it takes only 0.03 seconds to classify one food photo with GPU.