A Real-Time Information Service Platform for High-Speed Train


In this paper, a real-time information service platform for high-speed train was proposed and implemented. With this platform, all passengers of train will freely to get access by Wi-Fi or other wireless network to enjoy movie, music, train information and travel information. Besides, the platform was connected to a FPGA based data processing center to collect train operation data including instantaneous power, traction and braking force, also convertor temperature. The server was designed based on opening protocol, and the data processing center is designed based on FPGA system. We setup a specific scene to verify the feasibility and achieve good results.

DOI: 10.4304/jcp.7.9.2330-2333

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@article{Su2012ARI, title={A Real-Time Information Service Platform for High-Speed Train}, author={Ruidan Su and Tao Wen and Weiwei Yan and Kunlin Zhang and Dayu Shi and Huaiyu Xu}, journal={JCP}, year={2012}, volume={7}, pages={2330-2333} }