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A Real Time Based Intelligent System Designed for the Process Automation & Control Applications

  title={A Real Time Based Intelligent System Designed for the Process Automation \& Control Applications},
  author={Tiwari Rajinder and R. K. Singh},
LabVIEW is a graphical programming tool based on the dataflow language G. Recently, runtime support for a hard real time environment has become available for LabVIEW, which makes it an option for embedded system prototyping. Due to its characteristics, the environment presents itself as an ideal tool for both the design and implementation of embedded software. In this project we study the design and implementation of embedded software by using G as the specification language and the LabVIEW RT… 
A Low Power High Speed CMOS Based Optical Receiver for Communication Network Based Applications
The integrated circuit system has been designed, simulated and demonstrated with a decent performance having free spectral range (FSR) equal to 1.5 nm at 1534 nm and very accurate wavelength modulation to 0.3 nm within 0.01 nm fluctuations for thermal actuated ring type optical switch.
LabVIEWBased Real Time GUI System Development for the studies of Ionospheric irregularities over near Equatorial region at Anantapur using Satellite Radio Beacon signals.
An attempt has been made to overcome the inability of the graphical representation of amplitude scintillation patches with the help of LabVIEW based GUI system suitable to have data compatibility with Excel and Origin graphical packages for further analysis of the Ionospheric irregularities Scintillation Index (SI).


Design and Implementation of an Embedded Remote Electronic Measurement System
  • Ying-Wen Bai, Cheng-Yu Hsu
  • Computer Science
    2006 IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference Proceedings
  • 2006
This paper uses the embedded board with interface modules to implement a remote electronic measurement system which includes the power supply, signal generator and oscilloscope, and compares the design with the popular data acquisition software by showing the advantages and range of application differences.
Design of a LabVIEW Based Real Time Simulator for ABS Tester
This paper focus on developing a design for performance monitoring and data analysis ABS tester using LabVIEW, which focuses on measuring various parameters through the sensors and analysis of the same.
Ethernet Control AC Motor via PLC Using LabVIEW
Remotely control applications over a wide area had been commonly used in the industries today, but with the rise of the technology, Ethernet module will be used in order to achieve the remote control system.
LabVIEW Graphical Programming
From the Publisher: The #1 guide to LabVIEW completely updated for release 6. 0! This one-of-a-kind LabVIEW developer's guide gives you virtual instruments—quickly and cheaply! You get powerful
Static Scheduling of Synchronous Data Flow Programs for Digital Signal Processing
This self-contained paper develops the theory necessary to statically schedule SDF programs on single or multiple processors, and a class of static (compile time) scheduling algorithms is proven valid, and specific algorithms are given for scheduling SDF systems onto single ormultiple processors.
Energy conservation in a smart home
There is an 18.70% decrease in energy consumption when the home automation system acts to manage the power consumption of the devices in the home when the Z-Wave technology is used.
Totally Integrated Smart Energy System through Data Acquisition via Remote Location
This paper discusses the approach of real-time controlling of the energy management system using the data acquisition tool of LabVIEW to interface the Station (PC) with the system and publish the data on internet using LabVIEW.
Design and Implementation of Home Automation System
  • Luo Siwen, Liu Yunhong
  • Computer Science, Art
    2008 International Symposium on Information Science and Engineering
  • 2008
This essay analyzes and explains the designing plan of both the mobile phone user and the server terminal, thus, the essay provides a theory which can be referred to in the HAS information construction of this country.
Data logging and supervisory control of process using LabVIEW
This paper takes a case study of plant consisting of multiple boilers where multiple process variables of the boilers need to be acquired from the field and monitored and logged in a database for further analysis and supervisory control.
Data Acquisition and Realization of Communication Transmission Based on LabVIEW
A lot of data acquisition and wireless communication framework was developed based on the graphic programming platform of Lab VIEW, which used the big and powerful Lab VIEW handling data and showing function to carry out a real-time processing, analysis and display.